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On August 18, 2022, a MCRC special medical cryo race club event was held in the cold chamber center in Cologne, especially for pain patients.

Under the supervision of the medical research management and the Chief Medical Officers, multi-cryo-power sessions at true -85°C were applied to six pain patients. The application times, application breaks and application intensity were determined in real-time monitoring by the highly complex MCRC Vital X measuring system. In this way, an application and application combination specially tailored to each patient could be carried out.

The aim of the MCRC special pain event was to provide patients with immediate pain relief and pain reduction. At the same time, a reduction in stress should be brought about for all participants.

You can find out all further information and the results of the MCRC special format in a special broadcast on RTL in January.

Of course, MCRC will also publish the detailed research results of this small application study on our MCRC news portal in January.

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