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MCRC Vital X

The MCRC Vital X is a vital data measurement system specially developed for the Medical Cryo Race Club. With the MCRC Vital X, all vital data can be recorded before, during and after a cold application in real-time monitoring and determined in the MCRC software. Every participant in the Cryo-Races wears this highly precise measuring ring for the entire duration of the race. Thanks to real-time monitoring, all parameters such as application times and application breaks can be constantly recalculated and optimized during the entire race. Thus, an unforgettable body high is guaranteed.

The MCRC Vital X not only measures blood pressure and cardiac variability, but also stress levels and blood oxygen saturation. With this highly complex measurement system and the MCRC Vital X interface, the Medical Cryo Race Club has set a milestone in the field of health monitoring and health events.

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