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Medical-Cryo-Race-Club MCRC App


The versatile MCRC App was developed for exclusive use by members of the Medical Cryo Race Club. The app features world firsts such as the emotion log and the unique interface to the MCRC Vital X.

Overview of app functions:

-Emotion Log

booking system for MCRC events

-Overview of event calendar

-Member Status

-Overview of attended events

control and coordination of the cryo event

display of worldwide ranking

-Total stay in cold chamber during races

-Total number of sessions

-MCRC Vital X interface

-Vital data long-term tracking

display of vital signs in real time

In addition, each participant can use the MCRC App to upload a event video - including trailer, coordination data for the race location and other key data on the event - for documentation and a reminder of the unforgettable events are recorded and recorded.

Download the MCRC App