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A unique event format was also developed in the field of team building and business events. Networking has been reinvented through the unique cryo events of the Medical Cryo Race Club: All participants have energy and a good mood and are brought up to new thoughts and ideas. In addition, the patented multi-cryo-power sessions replace a sports unit and reset the body in the form of a metabolism boost. The medial cryo races are ideal for high performers and ensure that a special bond is developed with one another.

The MCRC Vital X measuring ring for health tracking is available to every participant on site free of charge.

The MCRC site has the following multi-cryo-health systems:

➝ A high-performance cold chamber Vaultz3 -110 degrees

➝ MCRC Vital X precession rings

➝ Art of Cryo Vacu Flow vessel and lymphatic drainage system

➝ Dermio Care: negative oxygen ions or oxygen plasma combined with light therapy

➝ 3D body scanner: body analysis for fitness, sport and health

➝ Breath gas analysis (metabolism analysis)


Medical Cryo Race Club

A medical cryo race is about repeatedly stimulating the body's own hormones with the help of targeted cryotherapy. With the MCRC Vital X, the following application times and breaks between the individual sessions are determined before, after and during the individual cold applications by measuring the heart rate variability, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and body temperature. Software for controlling the race was developed for the optimal effect developed, which calculates the times for each individual based on age, weight, gender, body size, state of health, stress level and sleep behavior and controls the race accordingly. The result is a unique high, good mood and lots of energy. With this unconventional way of organizing events, the Medical Cryo Race Club heralds a new age. Because the components of fun, good mood, good conversations, an informal atmosphere and interesting people can be combined in the form of an event in a way that is healthy for the body and sustainable.

A cryo race includes:

You get exclusive access to the MCRC App and the following unique combination applications. In addition, all the latest MCRC technologies are available to you during the race. Sufficient drinks and vitamins are available at the New Health Bar.

  • 6 cryo power sessions

    6 applications in a high-performance cold chamber from Art of Cryo ensure a unique feeling of elation and a particularly good mood.

  • Cryo-Vacu Flow Session

    1-2 applications in Cryo Vacu Flow. Lymphatic drainage and vascular training for rapid regeneration and efficient body shaping.

  • 3D body scan

    High-precision 3D body scan for posture analysis, recording of vital data and creation of an avatar accurate to the millimeter with all measured values ​​and circumferences of the body. From 2023, medical-thermographic diagnostics will also be possible.

  • Multi CryoHacking System session

    Experience a unique combination of infrared, ionized oxygen, induction heat and light for the formation of collagen, faster regeneration and increased dopamine and endorphin release.

The MCRC technologies and systems

  • MCRC Vital-X

    The MCRC Vital-X is a high-precision measuring system (ring) for real-time monitoring of your vital data before, during and after a cold application.

  • MCRC software

    The MCRC software is a system control software for the Medical Cryo Race process. Here the individual application times are calculated and the application breaks are determined exactly. The software creates application plans for combination applications in real time during the race and controls the combination application devices. The system also processes the precise vital data recorded by the MCRC Vital-X.

  • MCRC app

    The MCRC app is an interactive app for Android and IOS, which communicates with the MCRC software in real time and is used during the race to display vital data (recorded by MCRC Vital-X). The app also has the technical requirements for creating an emotion log.

  • MCRC Emotion Log

    The emotion logbook is displayed in the MCRC app and is used to record emotions, feelings and energy levels in real time during a cryo race.