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Kältekammer Kitzbühel - Weltweit größtes Zentrum

Cold chamber Kitzbühel - the world's largest center

Crystal Chamber Kitzbühel - the world's largest center

With more than 500 square meters on three floors, the MCRC Cryo Race Center Kitzbühel is a worldwide hotspot for cryotherapy, high-performance, new health and beauty health, the latest generation of wellness, cold yoga, ice meditation and for everyone MCRC Race events and formats for an indescribable high and a completely new body feeling.

Kirchberg near Kitzbühel - New hotspot for cryotherapy

Thanks to the unique equipment of the MCRC Multi-Cryo-Health-Performance-Center with three high-performance cold chambers from Art of Cryo, all customers, visitors and guests for the first time worldwide have access to all cryotherapy performance systems for real cryotherapy at the same time to disposal.

MCRC Kitzbühel only uses the most expensive and exclusive cold chamber systems from Art of Cryo.

Wellness Kitzbühel - MCRC Wellness and Beauty Health

With the Multi-Cryo-Health-Systems in the MCRC Cryo Race Center, the latest, most innovative and most effective wellness systems in the field of New Health and Beauty Health are available to all wellness enthusiasts.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the RemediCool research center in Cologne, the most innovative and modern wellness applications can also be offered in Kitzbühel in the future.

Regeneration center for sport and performance in Kirchberg

The MCRC Cryo Race Center offers the latest measuring and diagnostic devices for all professional, competitive and amateur/hobby athletes. A high-precision 3D body scan, a metabolic analysis system, various vital data measuring stations, the MCRC Vital X and a Medical Thermo Diagnostic System are available here.

Regeneration can be effectively accelerated through the targeted use of the Art of Cryo Flow System, the high-performance cold chambers and the Multi-CryoHacking system.

In addition, the measurement and diagnostic systems can also be used to demonstrate performance increases in a wide variety of areas. In close cooperation with the Cologne cryotherapy and research center RemediCool and students of the sports university in Cologne, further findings from the field of sports medicine will be implemented in the MCRC Cryo Race Center Kitzbühel in the future.

Events Kitzbühel - Kirchberg

The MCRC Kirchberg site has a private cinema and a large event room. Regular events for New Health, Beauty Health, Biohacking, Cold Yoga, Ice Meditation, Sport and Performance and Wellness for body, mind and soul will take place here.

New MCRC events and formats for Austria

MCRC develops winter sports and next level biohacking events especially for the Cryo Race Center Kirchberg - Kitzbühel. In this way, all athletes, guests and customers can also participate and experience events that are adapted to the seasons.

The MCRC team is pleased about the opening of the location in Kirchberg - Kitzbühel, which is unique in Austria and worldwide.

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