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Kältekammer Frankfurt | Official MCRC doctorfrost

Cold Chamber Frankfurt | Official MCRC doctorfrost

The cold chamber center doctorfrost at Stephanstraße 3 in Frankfurt City is an official Medical Cryo Race Club location. From July 7th, 2022, Cryo Races in various formats such as MAINhatten or Ice Cold Kissed will take place in the Multi Cryo Performance Center in the former diamond exchange building. These unique cryo events ensure endless fun and an indescribable high with interesting people.

Networking, having fun together and experiencing your own body in a new way!

It's that easy to take part in a Medical Cryo Race. Sign up for an exclusive annual membership for just €59 with just a few clicks. You will then receive a voucher code of 59€ for the purchase of a race ticket of your choice (so the annual membership is free).

On the race evening you only need closed shoes and a sporty outfit. You should have eaten a full meal immediately before the races, as your body has an extremely high calorie consumption during the Multi Cryo Race.

The Medical Cryo Race Club is looking forward to your membership and to welcoming you to your first race.

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